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Metal Cutting Saws Power Tools: Home Metal-Shop Tips 101: 6 Easy Ways How To Cut Metal. Watch as Mitchell Dillman, “the Online carpenter” at ,demonstrates 6 easy ways how to cut …

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26 Responses to “ Metal Cutting Saws Power Tools: Home”

  1. wize oldfart says:

    Those metal cutting band saws are so inaccurate as the band tends to drift
    when cutting SHS tube.

  2. blaatbeer says:

    OSHA probably hates you for removing the guard =D But I thank you for these
    informative videos!

  3. eduardo sampoia says:

    you should never use an angle grinder without a guard……you fail
    completely in the safety department.

  4. LifeRuiner Tyrone says:

    Nice, I prefer the cold cut blade for the metal cut off saw, rather than
    the abrasive disc, it’s a matter of price really, since the cold cut disc
    is very expensive compared to an abrasive disc, but for me, it’s worth the
    money, faster cuts, no sparks, and the metal isn’t blazing hot if it’s a
    thick piece.

  5. creativeobsin says:

    Great video :J

  6. bwspyder1 says:

    Need a plasma cutter in there

  7. freshcaughtbass says:

    nibbler, hack saw, hydraulic shears and plasma torch are others

  8. forestryprof says:

    I need to cut several 1″ x 1 1/2″ rectangle cutouts (rectangular holes)
    out of some 3/16″ sheet metal. I know I could take it to a machine shop
    but that’s expensive. I think I could get it started by drilling out the
    area as much as possible. To finish the rectangle, how about a dremel type
    tool and some diamond coated cutoff blades? Or a jigsaw with metal cutting
    blades? Thanks

  9. Barbara Walters says:

    Always fun watching his videos. Someone told me you can get iron poisoning
    from working with iron. :-( 

  10. Seph Angelo says:

    Plasma cutting is as easy as oxy-fuel, but not really low budget. However
    for it’s still recommended for high-end cutting on aluminum and stainless.

  11. bill merritt says:


  12. lukas wright says:

    thanks for telling me what the tin snips are called before i just called
    them metal cutting thingys :D 

  13. Leo says:

    wow that was really fabulous !! a lot of information, and nice nice video !

  14. Xa Ya Za Za says:

    A++ Like usual :) 

  15. Andrew Wilson says:

    You going to loose a finger if you use that angle grinder with no guard on!
    One kick or slip and it gone in a heartbeat! Got a buddy who only counts in
    nines by doing just that. Stay safe bro.

  16. imapokeguy says:

    Thank you so much.

  17. Greg Havener says:

    Well, I’m off to spend $$$ on cutting tools now :) 

  18. Dejari Banks says:

    “Here…I’ll show you how it works!” I love it. Thanks for your help. 

  19. David says:

    Metal Cutting carbide tip blade is worth a try. For only about $22, its
    Evolution blade is said to work for everything except masonry and hardened

  20. remige2006 says:

    It might have been interresting to show how the band saw works finely while
    we cut free hand when it is place vertically….Very good presentation !

  21. SpartanMonkee says:

    I’m thinking of buying the Northern Tools cold cut metal saw, Item#
    332814. Would you say that that saw or your Grizzly band saw would produce
    more accurate cuts. For my application, I’m looking for accuracy over cost
    or speed.

  22. Jan Waldner says:

    Hi, nice video.
    I’ve been deciding between a band saw and the abrasive cut-off saw.
    A question if I may, what things can be done with the band saw that makes
    it impossible to be replaced by the abrasive saw?
    Thanks in advance.

  23. Seph Angelo says:

    1:37 high carbon steel sparks

  24. Joshua Caudell says:

    I am certain that you can also use a circular saw such as a side winder
    circular saw or a worm drive circular saw to cut metal with the metal
    cutting blade for those saws as well is that correct?

  25. David says:

    You can put a Metal Cutting carbide tip blade on normal circular saw. The
    drawback is that you need to know when to stop when your saw is producing
    bad results.

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