New Power Tools: Minecraft Mod –...

New Power Tools: Minecraft Mod – Power Gems Mod – New Armor, Weapons, and TOOLS. WATCH AS SSUNDEE REVIEWS POWER GEMS IN MINECRAFT?! HOW DID MINECRAFT EVER BECOME SO OP!? LOL, Thanks for watching! I appreciate the support and any ratings w…

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26 Responses to “ New Power Tools: Minecraft Mod –”

  1. Flare Martain says:


  2. Riccardo Joaquin Javier says:

    peridot is a birthstone

  3. Manuel Arredondo says:

    Germans are nazi’s so skip your german vaicauton

  4. Blake Wodrich says:

    Pierdon looks like pee

  5. Kaleb Plays says:

    am-e-th-e-st amethyst

  6. ahmed odtallah says:

    How do you install mods I tried using forge but………NADA

  7. Crafty Kidd says:

    is that this mod or what in the top left that show the hp of the mob

  8. EatingPigs# says:

    Am i the only one that doesnt understand DerpSsundee’s joke at 0:00?

  9. SSundee says:

    Hope you doods are having a good weekend.

  10. Abel NInan says:

    Love is like and onion which taste like Chinese food on fire and an

  11. PikachuBacca says:

    Am e thist bub

  12. Miles Collins says:

    that farmer tool is OP

  13. Lebert Karlsson says:

    why does he randomly go psycho? Just a question.

  14. Savannah Moore says:

    Peridot is a real stone it’s my birth stone how could it f*cking be fake?

  15. Kevin Aquino says:

    gems are stupid……and they have a farting boost of speed and farts

  16. DarkLegendzPVP Gamerpro says:

    pronounce it like ameethist

  17. zac heapy says:

    your making fun of derp ssundee

  18. Carl Canadilla says:

    When you showed the amethyst sword you had strenth 2

  19. Nicholas Mason says:

    EYE am posEYEdien. God of the SEE. Eye get it now.

  20. Alex Miller says:

    You’ll see how to pronounce amethyst on Steven universe
    On cartoonetwork.

  21. Ryan Cohen says:

    SSundee you had the armor on

  22. Jack Moore says:

    I like hot fudge sundees

  23. Void Phantom says:

    It Is Pronounced Am-a-thist

  24. Gage London says:

    I may never win an hd photo

  25. BJtheKID08 says:


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