Oscillating Power Tools: Variable Speed...

Oscillating Power Tools: Variable Speed Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool # 67537. Product page: http://www.harborfreight.com/variable-speed-multifunction-power-tool-67537.html There’s no need to buy several power tools when this one tackle…

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16 Responses to “ Oscillating Power Tools: Variable Speed”

  1. Pro1er says:

    I really wanted this tool, but it no longer comes with the hard case so I’m
    looking at other brands.

  2. Love2boat92 says:

    I just bought this today for $30. Well worth it already!! If harbor freight
    hadn’t moved close to me I wouldn’t have all the tools that I do now.
    Thanks harbor freight!! Another satisfied customer!!!!

  3. ACYOTA Crown says:


  4. JoelsBackYard says:

    I have the constant speed red oscillating tool and it rocks for just a
    quick cut, or scraping something up that would take you hours to do and it
    does it in seconds, it’s awesome! this tool sure saves you a lot of time
    and frustration on many small projects!

  5. soldier4prophesy says:

    this tool is fantastic for cutting square and rectangular holes for
    electrical outlets. I can’t believe I didn’t have one for all those

  6. hoopfan71 says:

    HF is having a sidewalk sale this weekend. I picked this up for $35 today!
    What a deal!

  7. compta38 says:

    @KevinTheDestroyerTV my $10 harbor freight palm sander that I have put
    through hundreds of hours of abuse disagrees with you. I have also roofed
    my house with their $99 coil roofing nailer without a single hiccup. The
    dremel tool they carry is nice as well. To put it bluntly you have NO idea
    what you’re talking about.

  8. glsak says:

    I have one and like it. Worth the money if you won’t be needing the sanding
    attachment…sandpaper just vibrates off in a matter of seconds

  9. Kevin Huberty says:

    harbor freight tools suck. ryobi is better.

  10. litehouse6 says:

    Watch what you say or Pat’s gonna beat your ass!

  11. warlok9 says:

    Not bad if you just using it for stuff around the house. Took a long time
    to cut through a staple there! Lol. My Fein cuts about 4 times faster than
    this tool. Fact.

  12. scalabration says:

    Kind of ridiculous to use this to cut through ordinary staples.

  13. zombieFREAK jarhead says:

    yeah but ryobi is about 5 times the price and ONLY has a manufacters
    warranty.. tools from harbor frieght i can just take back and they just
    give me a new one.

  14. jeffrey123666 says:


  15. Kevin Huberty says:

    i have a ryobi multitool and it’s way better than this tool. plus it’s
    battery powered.

  16. zerochaos360 says:

    too salesy. kinda stupid. give us a regular guy teaching us diff ways to
    use the tool