Power Multi Tools: Chicago Electric Multi...

Power Multi Tools: Chicago Electric Multi Oscillating Tool – A Harbor Freight Moment. http://www.toolsinaction.com takes a look at the Harbor Freight Multi Oscillating Tool.

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26 Responses to “ Power Multi Tools: Chicago Electric Multi”

  1. Love2boat92 says:

    Wow. There’s so many nasty comments on this video. Bad YouTube users bad.

  2. cboyye says:

    You didn’t actually give a single reason why this tool was bad, except
    saying that it is ‘junk’.

  3. Danny Mcnamara says:

    My experience with the Chinese power tools from HF is lack of torque and
    the bodies of the tools are are not very sturdy and tend to break apart.
    They are what they are…very cheap alternatives. There is a place and a
    need for cheap tools…the job site is not one.

  4. stewie591 says:

    The only crappy tools I saw were talking.

  5. VaticanMan says:

    WOW, the guy cuts a piece of wood and says he wouldn’t buy it. Great
    evaluation!! The guy in the hoodie is all about names. If it says Dremel
    it would be great. I looked at a shit load of reviews and over 95% said
    this mutli tool would do the job. That it is not for commercial use but
    would do well around the house for DYI’s. The hoodie guy is going to hell.
    I know, I have a connection.

  6. WIDOWMAKER0567 says:

    I don’t think these Bozo’s would know a good tool from a bad tool if their
    life depended on it.I bet they have never built a thing in their fucking

  7. Casey Myers says:

    Who the fuck is this guy in the blue hoodie. Fucking douce bag. Hadn’t even
    tried the tool out before talking poorly on it. Biases ignorant dick head.
    I’d hate to be anywhere near that Fucking idiot I’d be so annoyed

  8. Casey Myers says:

    I think I thaw thith thing thomewhere. Fuck these guys… lmao 

  9. Clint Mills says:

    I have this one. Works good for the price. What do you expect for around
    $18 and does any DIYer use there oscillating tool daily? Its a once and
    awhile tool. I have had mine for 3 years, gone through about 25 blades
    (many many projects) and it still works. WORTH IT! Am I considering a
    Rockwell F50 heck yeah, as well, its awesome. But its also $139 bucks. 

  10. daisy toke says:

    Wow! What a biased and negative attitude. An awful review, Eric,
    particularly, seems like he has some attitude/anger issues.

  11. mcdusty62 says:

    give up the tool reviews and join comedy central, you seem more at home
    making jokes than using a power tool.

  12. Jesse Crandle says:

    The point of Horror Freight is that you get a tool to use once or twice for
    less than the cost of a Sonicrafter’s blade. If you need to cut tile to
    install something in your kitchen, like maybe put in a new outlet and you
    have NO intention of ever using this tool again then it’s more than
    adequate. It’s not made for hard hobbyist use and definitely not for
    professional use.

  13. David Varner says:

    Man you guys must be mr money bags. How can you hate a cheap does that gets
    the job done, it’s perfect for weekend warriors really..

  14. Tools In Action says:

    Just make sure you hit Dan. Your right the tool does what it says, but
    there is a huge difference from this and the Bosch in regards to vibration.
    Yes the Bosch is a lot more, but if you work with it day after day, I think
    the extra money is worth it.

  15. MikeDMay8 says:

    Nice lighting

  16. thedarksidehaunt360 says:

    i just got one with a coupon for $17 wish me luck lol

  17. Tools In Action says:

    Great idea

  18. Gerald Too says:

    I bet if Harbour Freight had an attachment for the Mrs. these guy’s would
    appreciate the tool then “or at least she would anyway!!!” Lol They look
    like they could use the help… The little man “Dan” has got to be the guy
    that played on Not Another Teen Movie as Marty “the little twerp that got
    tackled in the end zone and was broke in half.” Hahaha

  19. Cody Robertson says:

    There’s some great hate comments on this video.

  20. thedarksidehaunt360 says:

    i hope

  21. jollywebs says:

    just checked your other videos, they are really good ones. l like them to
    be honest. not this one. LOL.

  22. XSevenSonata says:

    Of course, I understand. For the mentioned price, I feel that an
    oscillating tool is a good deal. However, a tool is something that you
    should feel comfortable with. I’ve tried this model, by the way. And you’re
    right, it has a lot of vibration. My opinion has nothing to do with me
    disliking affordable tools. And actually, most of my tools are from Harbor
    Freight. But, the amount of vibration this model has, is a lot more than my
    other power tools from Harbor Freight.-

  23. Dikotomii D says:

    Yes he is. He wants a tool that oscillates to cause no vibration in his
    hand. He is asking too much from a tool. This is the problem with men of
    today. They are little fags. Not homosexuals, FAGS. There is a difference.
    A man would use this tool for what it is meant for, knowing it’s
    limitations, and appreciating the fact that it was obtained at a very good
    price. I don’t accept opinions or advice from punks like him. Whatever he
    suggests, do the opposite. Peace.

  24. luisalfonso600 says:

    You have earned my repect. Not because of your video commentary or product
    feedback. But how your responded to the comments with a sense of
    humbleness. Your video still sucks. Advice. Separate personal opinion from
    fact. Not saying you can’t give your two cents. Just don’t be so obviously
    bias. Lol.

  25. crazy eddie says:

    Where do you guys get your pot? It sure does a good job.

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