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Power Multi Tools: Harbor Freight Multi-tool Demonstration. Showing the straight and round cutting blades, cutting through wood trim and how they won’t cut your finger/skin. (Memory ran out as I was about to do the sa…

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25 Responses to “ Power Multi Tools: Harbor Freight”

  1. H Siu says:

    Get the Fein 350q and be happy. You pay for what you get. 

  2. Larry Zink says:

    There is nothing I like better than seeing a demonstration on how to use a
    power tool on ones hand. What an idiot.

  3. dragon123443 says:

    +mikeadiddle alright man if you find something out let me know. I went
    through reviews for other sanding triangles and it seems many users are
    having the same issue with almost all brands. Seems to be that the Velcro
    melts off while sanding. 

  4. Andrea Friedell says:

    I’ve had mine for about six years, but hadn’t used it in a long time. Now
    when I attempted to use the saw, I can’t get it to not come loose and
    spin. Is it because I don’t have it tight enough? It was so tight I
    couldn’t loosen it without help, but still the blade would spin.

  5. dragon123443 says:

    Hey bro thanks for posting up this video. I have that same one from harbor
    freight. I do have a question about the sanding triangle however. I can’t
    make the sandpaper stick. It slips off when I start sanding… if you have
    any advice, please share.

  6. urbtactics says:

    what about metal conduit? think this tool can handle it?

  7. MWElectric says:

    these are prety kool. i own this one and a rigid, wouldent put them head to
    head because of the price difference. i like them both and they will get
    you out of the occasional jam where anything else may cause unwanted damage
    to other finished work. the only down side i see with them is that the
    blades wear out very quickly and are not priced to be disposable.

  8. tediam1 says:

    All these multi-tools are copied from the medical profession’s
    ‘cast-cutting saws’. I remember the sound from when I had a cast cut off my
    arm when I was a kid.

  9. courtneydev says:

    I really appreciate that you posted your video here. I was also deciding on
    whether I should get the Fein Multimaster or the Harbor Freight Multitool.
    Of course, I went with the less expensive one. By the way, it would be
    great, if you could also post a video on the sanding pads. I really found
    your presentation very instructional in the most practical terms. Thank you
    very much. :D

  10. applejak2000 says:

    @reap62 Try reading all the negative feedback on Amazon concerning the Fein
    - like 30% of the people. I’m avoiding the fein for those reasons. Maybe
    they WERE great at one time, but it seems now German manufacturers sold
    their country down the river by pissing away their manufacturing jobs to
    china just like we did. So basically the Fein Multimaster is a chinese
    tool, sold at German-built prices. Why bother ? Just buy a Rigid or the
    equivalent. I wouldn’t give Fein a plug nickle.

  11. mikeadiddle says:

    I agree with you on the quality of Fein vs. Harbor Freight stuff. But if a
    tool that cheap does the job, I’ll buy it and consider it disposable. By
    the way, just a little geography lesson… “Fein” tools are made in
    Germany, not the USA, and Harbor Freight tools are made in China, not Japan.

  12. MetaView7 says:

    it’s been over a year… any long term use update?

  13. mikeadiddle says:

    @MetaView7 I haven’t really put it to any hard, prolonged use. There was HF
    coupon, recently, to get this thing for 20 bucks. This thing is certainly
    very loud, gets very warm, and numbs your hands a bit. I don’t know if
    that’s any different from the more expensive ones. There seems to be a few
    of the “name brand” ones going for $100. I think this HF is worth 20 bucks
    to have as a spare, even if you have one of the other, more expensive ones.

  14. mikeadiddle says:

    I honestly don’t know. Generally, faster is better for these kind of tools,
    so I don’t know if the variable speed would be used much.

  15. MetaView7 says:

    @mikeadiddle thanks for your reply. I heard all of them get hot after a few
    minutes of use. That’s supposed to be normal.

  16. mikeadiddle says:

    @TopGear6666 I guess I have a lose trigger finger in dealing with all the
    ignorant replies from people who don’t know what they’re taking about…
    many of which I’ve deleted because people were just being jerks. I
    apologize for lumping you in with those. But I have trouble believing it
    was truly in jest since you felt the need to further clarify with your
    second & third paragraphs, which are pretty silly statements considering
    the very test I demonstrated.

  17. jose Guerra says:

    I have to say that I like to buy from HFT, and that not all it 100 %
    perfect, (that’s true) I have lots of tools from there and I’m happy with
    them , specialy if something go wrong they changed fast and ease, last time
    I got a husky jumper unit, $100.oo from Home Depot and after a year of
    occasional use the unit broke I went there and they said SORRY BUT IT’S NOT
    OUR PROBLEM ANYMORE, equal unit from Harbor cost $50.oo + around $20.oo for
    2 years replacement, so, can you see the difference ?

  18. Spencer White says:

    this video was helpful and made me really think about buying the harbor
    freight instead of the more expensive fein bocsh and rockwell multi tools
    my dads friend has a fein multi tool and it is amazing but for 400 hundred
    bucks i just cant afford it but with the harbor freight multi tool i can do
    basicly the same stuff

  19. strumpeteer says:

    I have this particular brand tool and it works great. It doesn’t have be
    this particular brand but the occillatting multi-tool it probably one of
    the best investments any DIY or pro can have.

  20. mikeadiddle says:

    @abqgolfer The finger test is to show that this device will not cut you. In
    case you can’t tell from the video, there is no blade guard on this tool.
    Some people might be concerned that the blade could cut you if you lost
    grip on the tool and perhaps it fell onto your leg or against your body.
    That was my polite response, if case you weren’t trying to be a jerk.

  21. mikeadiddle says:

    Good eye, Mike, but your assumption is correct… it doesn’t matter. The
    teeth are the same either way. The recess on the blade is there for flush
    cutting, like you said, but the blade works in any direction. Sooner or
    later, I’ll try some other manufacturers’ blades on it, when I can get some
    one sale.

  22. jose Guerra says:

    hey, this tool work without problem and the most important part is that at
    the end of the day you still have money in your pockets, compare one from
    any other brand and you’ll see.

  23. tralphaz1 says:

    The bench dogs can also be found at Harbor freight.

  24. mikeadiddle says:

    Yes, with the steel cutting blade. I just cut through several 16p nails,
    yesterday. It goes through pretty quick. It might take a bit longer on
    screws since they are usually harder than nails, but it will do it. I’ve
    cut some galvanized deck screws with the wood cutting blade that came with
    it, so it should rip right through with the metal cutting blades.

  25. thelastmike says:

    It’s a good review overall… But I think you have the half moon blade on
    backward perhaps. I think the recess is for the nut to set into so you can
    use it flush on a surface. I don’t know (almost think not) that this makes
    any difference in use or cutting ability. What I really wonder is if other
    blades work with this.