Power-TEC 92269 Wheel Arch Reforming Tool...

Power Tools Clearance: Power-TEC 92269 Wheel Arch Reforming Tool. The new Power-TEC Wheel Arch Reforming Tool is designed to roll out damage on the wheel arch lip and adjacent panels. It is also used to role back a wheel ar…

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25 Responses to “ Power-TEC 92269 Wheel Arch Reforming Tool”

  1. Andy Tacker says:


  2. KoudZ says:

    How typical in my country – Audi wheels on Škoda Fabia :D 

  3. carribean660 says:

    thank you this explains alot :D

  4. Lexxxa45k says:


  5. bottlerocket3333 says:

    Maybe you don’t understand my question. In the video he showed rolling the
    inner lip flat to give you more clearance without affecting the external
    profile of the fender. I am curious if this tool is suitable to actually
    modify they external profile of the fender into a flare similar to what a
    bolt on fender flare would give you, just less dramatic.

  6. The8Tech says:

    PhoenixMotorsport on 07836 796921 hold them in stock.

  7. cornishman1987 says:

    were can i buy one??

  8. JD Beats says:

    oh i just misunderstood what you were getting at. people who stance their
    cars will do this to make the wheel fit but if your looking for the flared
    out fender from my knowledge wou;d be to just buy the aftermarket fender

  9. dogfacesoldier1234 says:

    you mean your not supposed to do it with a baseball bat

  10. Martin D says:

    where Can i get one of those heat guys? or what band and model?

  11. bottlerocket3333 says:

    Would this tool work to flare fenders as well? I would like to get a little
    over a half inch of flare.

  12. 06srt8man says:

    finally someone does a fender roll the proper way. tokens to you sir!

  13. JD Beats says:

    lol thats what he did in the video to make that tire fit at the end

  14. FGX318 says:

    Me also ! lol !

  15. Alex Degante says:

    Lmao baseball bat boy brought me here too

  16. mark smith says:

    the paint did crack on that car . you dont heat the outside up you heat the
    inside out. i have been rolling guards for 15 years if you need it done in
    box me or need help & it can do more than that lots more

  17. TheToolconnection says:

    Sorry for the late reply – been making more videos! This heat gun in
    particular ( 02:23 ) is part of the Plas-Tec Plastic Repair System which is
    also by Power-TEC. I would post a link but YouTube won’t allow links in the
    comments section.

  18. masterpofigist says:

    Bottlerocket. Yes it is possible. I roll fenders. I can get them to flare.
    Look almost like after market flare. Theirs pros and cons to it. Email me I
    can send you pics. mrmasterofdisaster@rocketmail@com. Replace @ with ” . “

  19. mapukmapuk says:

    guys? band? lol

  20. Uncivlizedrd says:

    Finally not an idiot with a baseball bat

  21. Brian Langdon says:

    How much are those heat guns?

  22. donfranki says:

    Big Audi wheel in FABIA? Ha ha ha. Fits like a fist to the eye :-)

  23. TheToolconnection says:

    You can check out the Plas-Tec Plastic Repair System in another video which
    got made just last week.

  24. pimpedvw says:

    Now THATS how its done.

  25. 402miguelr12 says: