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Carpenter Power Tools: Power Tools & Carpentry Skills : Common Rafter Layout. Common rafter layouts use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the length of the rafters needed for building a roof at a given pitch. Calculate rafter lengths and design a workable rafter layout…

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26 Responses to “ Power Tools & Carpentry Skills : Common”

  1. Lee Whyte says:

    Very useful, thanks!

  2. CORRIGEEN71 says:

    A very lazy presentation so many areas not mentioned

  3. AntNEtheDirtDiamond says:

    I wonder if he deducted half the ridge width from the length of the rafter,
    or does it really matter?

  4. bro flodinski says:

    This Man Should use himself as a building implementhe toole for building
    because he is quite a toule. 

  5. dyzio3000 says:

    Great video. Great for us young carpenters. I believe those “thingys” are
    called stair gauges.

    Best wishes

  6. James Starkie says:

    my rafter needs laying out!

  7. vlineguy says:

    I have a couple of those thingy’s lol I use them for making stair’s ,

  8. GottaShopIt com says:

    Pythagorean Theorem…great job man!

  9. jfmcapecod1 says:


  10. Cody Cline says:

    good info thx..

  11. gregvancom says:

    Very good video

  12. maggoli67 says:

    Very helpful series. Been starting to get into woodworking (ie i have tools
    and a book, but not much time yet;).

  13. MrColoradowilderness says:

    hmmmm……lots missing there. what about actually finding the rafter
    length? what about finding the actual ridge height? what about why the heel
    height matters? this video only explains what happens after the CALCULATING
    has been DONE. rafters are not this simple gang.

  14. halibutty says:

    Actually trusses for storage are designed and used all the time. Their
    design has to be engineered of course but it comes out like a gable with
    pony walls built on top of the joists, what a time saver.

  15. brenz311 says:

    commercials on Youtube are getting ridiculous….

  16. harryfaber says:

    This was useful! Makes it look easy.

  17. Ian Laurie says:

    lol i should have thought of looking up videos on this for my shop exam i
    got an 81 but this would have been way better than looking in the book

  18. brokenndreams11 says:

    brutal too slow lol iam 18 and id have 6 rafters cut out by now if you have
    questions please feel free to ask me

  19. holyisYeshua says:

    You are doing ok.

  20. cobrapowersave says:

    never took off half the tickness of the ridge

  21. superchippy says:

    if anyone knows anything about picthing roofs, they should tell you go by a
    ready reckoner

  22. jaja1818 says:

    so was jesus..hahah

  23. Jc Dock says:

    Great video. I love your voice could listen to your videos all day.

  24. MrMidgitforlife says:

    I was looking for a video to help me with a competition for my trade
    school, and this is straight and to the point. This really helped me.

  25. d1incharge says:

    Using the dissappearing brass clamps = rookie Saying the birdsmouth is
    based on the wall width LOL = rookie btw, insulated wall makes up 5% of the
    envelope, only idiots use 2×6 to increase the r-value of 5% of your
    envelope. = rookie LOL. with the method you just showed us, you can’t even
    use a 2×6 rafter. How retarded is that!!!!! Gonna do the whole roof in 2×8
    or bigger, even 3′ long jacks! LOL.Those are one of the worst squares sold.
    Cant read the numbers, fragile. All signs of a rookie.

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