Power Tools for BlackBerry 10 – Micro...

Micro Power Tools: Power Tools for BlackBerry 10. Being the BlackBerry power user that I am, I am always on the lookout for multifunctional utility applications. When I rocked my 9800 and 9900, Fixmo Tools a…

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6 Responses to “ Power Tools for BlackBerry 10 – Micro”

  1. edwin gonzalez says:

    Lock screen pic doesn’t stay on the lock screen only it changes my wall
    paper and seems very buggy not happy with it :( 

  2. Amit Dewani says:

    I just wanna confirm if i can use this app on q10, since i m gonna shift
    from z10 to q10 and wanna buy this app now on z10 to be used later on q10. 

  3. MrCinemin says:

    almost a year and the blackberry z10s price has not gone down for an
    unlocked one

  4. mcbrucie says:

    Link broken.. ( Access denied
    You are not authorized to access this page.) I am logged into the
    Crackberry site

  5. Glenda769 says:

    Wrong. BlackBerry sent me an email for an offer of the Z10 in $199.99

  6. Glenda769 says:

    Mr.Cinemin, you are wrong. I received an email form BlackBerry and they
    offered me a Z10 unlock for $199.99. It was an offer.