Power Tools Repairs: iPad 2 Volume Power on...

Power Tools Repairs: iPad 2 volume power on and off button ribbon cable replacement repair CyberDocLLC. http://www.cyberdocllc.com/shop/repair-service-ipad-2-power-volume-hold-buttons-ribbon-cable-replacement-repair-service/ http://www.cyberdocllc.com/shop/ipad…

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60 Responses to “ Power Tools Repairs: iPad 2 Volume Power on”

  1. CyberDoc LLC says:

    iPad 2 2012 new model ribbon cable Power On/Off Volume Control repair
    replacement CyberDocLLC

    iPad 2 2012 new model ribbon cable Power On/Off Volume Control repair
    replacement CyberDocLLC

  2. patrik vidic says:

    thank you very much but its not in HD

  3. JoeVSvolcano says:

    Thanks for the guide, my power button works again!

    Absolutly right about the volume button screws. Need to be very loose or
    they dont work….

  4. geoffrey leonard cohen says:

    Many thanks for a very nice video. I notice that the printed circuit trace
    for the Hall magnetic switch on both the scrap and new cable is correct.
    The several replacement cables I have bought from China and the UK have
    this wired wrongly despite the correct 821-1151-A part number on the cable
    and have resulted in the magnetic switch not working. Can you please say
    the source of the cable you used.

  5. Diony De Jesus says:

    This video is sooooo Funnn!! I really enjoyed a lot. ;-) 

  6. Jeremy Gillespie says:

    Both my iPad 2 power button and volume down buttons are no longer working
    due to an error on my part (I sliced the circuit cables for both). What
    part(s) do I need to purchase for replacement? I believe this is one part
    (ribbon replaces both volume & power button) but I want to be sure.
    Model A1395, iPad 2 wifi only. Please advise and thank you in advance!

  7. Robert Davies says:
  8. Terry Adamson says:

    THanks very much for this straightforward video. It was very easy to
    follow. Soon, once I’m sure the adhesive is dry, my daughter will have her
    Ipad back after the months it has taken me to get around to doing it. Many
    thanks to you and to all those youtubers who share their skills and
    knowledge. You remind us all why the web was invented.

  9. Krishna Chaitanya Saride says:

    I ripped off my power cable while replacing the digitizer. I ordered a
    replacement and followed this video and was able to do it in the first go.
    A very detailed video and thank you for the effort. Putting the camera on
    your face should have been very difficult but do know that it helped a noob
    like me repair it like an expert.

  10. skotish1604 says:

    its like surgery BUT….its a ipad hahah nice one :D 

  11. Latkins1228 says:

    Thanks for the video. Helped me fix my ipad.

  12. jenchophamjam says:

    You rock! Thank you for posting :) very helpful 

  13. jimbow says:

    You did mention if you accidently hit the power button during this process
    with the LCD disconnected. The ipad may not boot (turn-on). All you have to
    do is remove the battery screw and carefully pry up the logic board from
    the battery for ten seconds and replace the screw then you will be golden.
    Don’t panic!

  14. Paul Chadbourne says:

    your vids have the best camera angles for this work and it’s so clear what
    needs to be done, i think i love you for saving me money helping me do it
    myself. thanks a lot. 

  15. Vext's Realm says:

    I found a pre-assembled one on Ebay with all the metal parts attached for
    $8.00 for those who have trouble with small parts, try finding ones like
    this. :) 

  16. ChocoMonster87 says:

    Thanks so much for this video. Was having a real hard time with this cable,
    and thanks your tutorial I only needed one cable and I didn’t break it
    first time round!

  17. Vext's Realm says:

    Thanks for a much clearer tutorial then most! I’d rather see the device
    more than hands.

  18. John Francis says:

    Nice job on the video. Just having you show the way the cable wrapped
    around was perfect.

  19. Chris Fliert says:

    I dit it :) it went all well, allthough the adhesive didn’t hold verry
    well… but it worked allright. Thank you for your movie. 

  20. Saul Gonzalez says:

    Thank you for the video. It was really helpful!!

  21. Nathan Elliott says:

    My iPad 2 doesn’t have the cable that runs between the battery? There is
    no board for the final socket on the ribbon, the one that’s furthest away
    from the the power button? It does have a cable that runs along the top
    though, which joins the two camera’s together? Any ideas?

  22. JerryPowerHouse says:

    lol this video was great. I am waiting for my ribbon cable to arrive so I
    can also perform surgery. I have a off topic question tho. When I removed
    the speaker ribbon on the bottom left I accidently removed the socket that
    it goes into it. is their anyway I can fix that or did I 100% ruined the
    speaker connection? Can I crazy glue the bottom of the socket to on to the
    ipad where it originally was

  23. Gabriela Tudosova says:

    hi thank you for your video, is perfect , i replace the broken glass and
    lcd too, for 1 time ;) ) and i damage the rubbon cable and the power buttom
    stopt working, with your help i replaced it, was not easy i am girl;((( but
    the ipad is like new now and works 100% thank you!!!!

  24. Josey Wales says:

    Love your video. Just bought a ribbon and thanks to you I’m gonna perform
    I’ll let you know if the patient survives. :o )

  25. rich_jd says:

    I tore the cable between the slide switch and power button when replacing
    the power port. I put it together to test it. It powered up OK but power
    button won’t power it down. Is there a way to power it down safely before
    replacing the cable? Thanks

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