Power Tree Trimming Tools: Trimming Trees...

Power Tree Trimming Tools: Trimming Trees from the Sky. Have you ever heard of using a helicopter to trim trees? Check out this segment on a contractor hired by the Johnson City Power Board to maintain clearances …

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26 Responses to “ Power Tree Trimming Tools: Trimming Trees”

  1. MPAH1981 says:

    They could employ 20 professional loppers for what that costs, probably
    less. Give 20 guys that need it a job.

  2. Sinbreaker says:

    Is it me, or is this an accident waiting to happen.

  3. rmcdaniel423 says:

    To all the crybabies in the comments below . . . Yup! Sometimes there is
    an element of danger in life. Now, y’all go back to playing Xbox in your
    mom’s basement, and leave the actual work to the MEN in this world.

  4. Brian Collins, Jr says:

    I… can never, EVER be allowed to drive this… there are several people
    who would walk out to their car, lock their front door, turn around, and
    see this slice their car in half XD

  5. Daniel Dean says:

    Among the many dangers associated with harvesting and management of large
    trees around living spaces,,, sometimes, it’s the spaces built for
    non-living environments that will present the bigger dangers.

  6. THE .JOKER says:

    This looks like something out of James Bond The World Is Not Enough

  7. Udumfck says:

    Turn from vertical to horizontal, and bring out the hordes of the zombie

  8. 1HOUSEMD says:

    Agent 007 comes to mind? Anyone? :D 

  9. fonkyman says:

    for the people who think its dangerous when the cutting device gets snagged
    the pilot can disconnect from it with the push of a button……

  10. Admobeer says:

    Better have a damn good helicopter

  11. Matt Ank says:

    Imagine getting smacked in the face by that…

  12. MrOblivious says:

    This reminded me of ravenholm in half-life 2

  13. nal2us2 says:

    Is the Johnson City Power Board considered a Quinn Martin Production Unit?

  14. John Martin says:

    2011??? I saw a device like this in Norway back in 2005. Welcome after.

  15. Inna Leonoff says:

    reminds me of james bond forget which series

  16. JudgmentDay78 says:

    I can’t wait to see a game company introduce this thing into a game like
    Doom or Halo. lol

  17. mike smith says:

    Thing catches a line crashes and dies.

  18. Wade4Wireless says:


  19. notimeforthisshitttt says:

    So much could go wrong here.

  20. M. Godoy says:


  21. partyman6666 says:

    Helicopter-Chainsaw Fight!!! Now that would be a hell of scene for an
    action movie.

  22. Let's Play Armis says:

    +donald neal you are absolutely right, that was the very first thing that
    came into my mind.

    they could cut 100K trees before the first accident and it would not be
    worth it at all. 

  23. Phillip408408408 says:

    GG squirrels and birds

  24. Jan Levkovič says:

    this will be very useful at zombie apocalypse :) 

  25. lucas wanlass says:

    haaa! i saw this in 007 :) 

  26. Jeff says:

    Well that is interesting. Some crazy tree trimming methods out there.