Powermatic PM2700 5HP Shaper Review –...

Power Matic Tools: Powermatic PM2700 5HP Shaper Review. Video from the full review of the Powermatic PM2700 Shaper on NewWoodworker.com! See the link below for the full review. http://www.newwoodworker.com/reviews…

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7 Responses to “ Powermatic PM2700 5HP Shaper Review –”

  1. lathan1977 says:

    So I know this may sound stupid to some.. But I’ve never seen, nor used a
    shaper. Isn’t it essentially like a router table? Just way more heavy duty?

  2. fishproet says:

    WOW got enough power?!?!

  3. thintz12 says:

    @polskiej I didn’t mention the router bit collets because most people
    consider the top speed of a shaper to be way under what works best with
    router bits.

  4. doodle91012 says:

    would have liked to see it in action.

  5. fishproet says:

    @lathan1977 yeah

  6. eric kurowski says:

    I have one.. Too bad he didnt mention u can get 1/2 and 1/4 inch collets to
    use any router bit with this shaper. had problems with the forward reverse
    switch, took it out, cheaply made. Also had the capacitors replaced on back
    of motor. I use it every day, easy set up and would def recommend one to
    everyone. A router table is for a hobby shop or basement woodworkers, they
    dont have power or mass to do anythign except small projects while doing
    small amount of cut off.

  7. SuperAirsoftman123 says:

    Micrometer adjustment? Schwing!!