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26 Responses to “ Prepper Power:Cummins-Onan Emergency”

  1. Cristian Yo says:

    Hello Enginner775, how are you? My name is Cristian de Argentina. I would
    ask you to put the subtitles in Spanish if you can because your videos are
    very interesting and I do not understand anything you say. As long as it’s
    not too much trouble, I’d appreciate it a lot. Greetings and thank you very
    much! Cristian from Argentine

  2. Jim H says:

    Quiet? I guess as far as generators go. But my wind generator is still much
    quieter. Lol

  3. Plau's Pone Cornur says:

    My question is, is it really a cummins/onan engine? a lot of these units
    are branded as a name brand and use a generic engine (looking at you
    Generac!), especially these sub 20kw residential units. I assume because
    its cheaper than R&Ding a small engine. also what brand head is on there?

  4. jasonmushersee says:

    20kw is big

  5. DragonU.S.M.C/0311 says:

    good info ….

  6. thenotperfectone says:

    Great video brother!

  7. gino r says:

    Not the quietest thing is it

  8. Rickugg says:

    Hello: Looks like nice unit, good info. If you built a new house would you
    go with gas furnace, cook stove and water heater. Have a Good One

  9. G36Jeff says:

    must be nce

  10. NEWS CHANNEL 428 says:

    how many days can it run on 500 gallons of propane

  11. freedomdesigner says:

    will it work with a gasefier

  12. SMILY95 says:

    We’ll at 6 k I will be looking to upgrade . I do agree with you as far as
    generators onan is one of the best I rate it higher than honda . I have one
    from the early 70′s that runes like new

  13. Wayne Meador says:

    That is a very well build generator, nice video. How much does something
    like that cost? Wayne

  14. ForestSongUnLTD says:

    Anyone well-read with the Bible will find “Cummins-Onan” an extremely
    ironic name. :)

  15. Graydon Hill says:

    Was cost the reason you installed an air cooled generator? Its better than
    nothing and better than the ge_e_ac, but why not go liquid cooled 1800 rpm?
    Some of the motorhome diesel generators from Onan are in the 7-10kw size
    range and are made to be used a lot. Dont let the power company see you
    running the feeders back through the meter pan, they usually frown on that.

  16. Mark Tarbert says:

    Good work m8

  17. wyattoneable says:

    I certainly respect Cummings-Onan products. That looked like a nice set up
    as well. Thanks for sharing what your doing, we all learn something.

  18. Frederick Bussiere says:

    How many gallons per hour does it use?

  19. John Bias says:

    Not for sure but that looks like an air cooled 3600 RPM Genset.

  20. Mike Sully says:

    With all due respect engineer, but having a huge hydrogen bomb next to your
    house is not very bright, one bullet will smoke your entire emergency

  21. stg04562 says:

    Does the controller have integrated undervoltage sensing? I assume that is
    what the generator uses to autostart. It is a nice set up for sure. 20 kW
    is a little large for typical household needs, but it would be nice to
    have! Thanks for the video

  22. Theredneck Prepper says:

    I assume you spliced the load side (from house) in the meter panel to reach
    the transfer switch connection ? what was the total cost (around) for this
    system ?

  23. Jadah J. says:

    Nice, will that gererator run all the utilities in the house?

  24. Finnian Cornelison says:

    Even with the case closed, that unit sounded extremely loud. There are
    quieter systems, but you would pay quite a bit more, correct?

  25. Nicholas Smerk says:

    Yeah, it depends what feel you need to run. I think anything over 7k is
    overshoot, but you wouldn’t want more than one appliance starting at s time
    if you have much less than 4.5k. Motors and compressors need adequate
    current to start and run without overheating [from low voltage].