Rebuilt Power Tools: Battery Pack Rebuild??...

Rebuilt Power Tools: Battery Pack Rebuild??.

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21 Responses to “Rebuilt Power Tools: Battery Pack Rebuild??”

  1. Sean Bumstead says:

    A cheap source for sub-c 1500 mah nicd batteries – none other than Harbor
    Freight 18 v 1500 mah battery packs! $9.00 for a pack that contains15 sub-c
    cells! Takes less than 10 minutes to pull the batteries from one pack and
    drop into the DieHard pack. Find a good cell in the DieHard pack to round
    off to 16 cells and you are all set.

  2. 805ROADKING says:

    I was gonna do that but it was cheaper to buy them at Sear when they’re on
    sale!! Last time I got 2 Batteries and a charger for $37 even though I
    already had 2 chargers. You usually have to wait till Christmas time to get
    the real good sales though!! I still have all my old batteries in case I
    decide to rebuild them!!☺

  3. wheely132 says:

    Nice! We have the same set as you. One battery still works, well it dies
    fairly fast. But the other is totally SHOT. My dad is just thinking of
    getting a new battery.

  4. craig1974 says:

    @wheely132 I wanted a Dewalt at the time, but after seeing the torque in
    the Craftsman i bought that instead. Either way no matter what brand the
    batteries would of died anyways.

  5. Begbucks says:

    Or you could purchase a Bedini Battery Rejuvenator (yeah, yeah I know
    pricey though a simple 2 amp should do the trick.) & restore the old
    sulfated ones to like new prowess. I like your emachines but you need a
    filter screen to save your eyes I had mine for 7 years & I’m never going

  6. EdzGarage says:

    If you have a soldering iron the job should be pretty easy.

  7. redneckbryon says:

    Good idea, I have a good drill with the same problem, I may try that!

  8. Coco Sheng says:

    We are Nimh/ NiCd battery factory for more than 10 years providing power
    tools battery pack also, thank you for vidio.

  9. coffeefish says:

    What happened to the “trailer debris pile bon fire?” Oh well, that was
    probably a terrible idea anyway.

  10. Krankie V says:

    happy birthday craig

  11. ncrdisabled Submarine vet says:

    I bought the batteries from ebay over a year ago and those are just
    soldered on it was not to bad mine I rebuilt is going strong today . I do
    offer one bit of advise and that is buy or use a soldering gun as it has
    more power and does the job faster and much better.

  12. Ionut Ardelean says:

    You cannot soder rechargable batteries.You destroy a recharcgable battery
    almost instanly if you apply heat or soder on them.

  13. todd w says:

    its the same for some laptop batteries to

  14. wheely132 says:

    @craig1974 Haha got that right! Dewalt is good also.

  15. frevirg says:

    im doing the same thing sweet

  16. mbyr31 says:

    Facinating Craig!

  17. clubcar98 says:

    Make a video when you do this, if you can. I was going to do it as well,
    but then I realized that I never used the drill in the first place so I
    would probably never use it when it was working.

  18. wilkes85 says:

    aaah this is why I hate when things use a special battery pack, instead of
    just standard batteries. Good thinking though, rebuilding your battery
    pack, instead of just buying a new one. lol nice teddy bear stickers on
    your monitor hehe

  19. JohnCarey1963Jag . says:

    Did you ever do the rebuild? I checked your channel but there’s no video on
    the out come.

  20. Susan Freed says:

    Battery Pack Rebuild?? | Best Tools Reviews…

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