Replace Your iPhone 5 Battery in 2 Minutes...

Replacement Batteries Power Tools: Replace your iPhone 5 battery in 2 Minutes. Replacement batteries can be found HERE:…

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25 Responses to “ Replace Your iPhone 5 Battery in 2 Minutes”

  1. ejunky66 says:

    Checkout the IPhone 5/S Glowing Apple Logo Rear housing DIY

  2. Gilberto Ramirez says:

    A couple of comments. The battery is double taped to the phone it won’t
    come out easily. also the connection to the battery is snapped into the
    phone take time with little pressure till you fit it in at one end and then
    slide over till it fully seats.
    there is a powerful magnet in the phone you can use to magnetize your
    screwdrivers so you can use them to drop into the holes. I was able to
    change the battery without doing any cosmetic damage. Thanks.

  3. Chris Hannan says:

    So this is all Apple does and they charge you $79? If they weren’t already
    rich from hardware sales, they would be from battery replacements.

  4. Moe Baller says:

    nice one mate. Really helpful. I am going to order a battery right now and
    hopefully this all works smooth. 

  5. Jackson Thorn says:

    thanks heaps really helpful!

  6. Gilberto Ramirez says:

    It has been a week with the gold battery. I do understand that they may be
    fakes but the new battery does last longer although the figures for usage
    seem to be the same or slightly larger but not really sure as I don’t have
    one to compare too.
    I am pretty peeved about this as. the only way for me to know is to open
    the case again to disassemble the gold label. This product is sold with CE
    logo which means it is arguably self certified to be compliant with
    european union standards for its specifications. It may be that someone
    just didn’t do the math correctly in English. It may also be that the
    battery for the 5 might have been more powerful to begin with but was
    rejected. Am I rationalizing? Now I have to get a genuine Apple battery or
    they might want to reject my extended warentee. apple care my ass.

  7. dechoeza says:

    How many years the battery really needs to be replaced?

  8. ManuelOsw says:

    Ok, Amazon sell It, but is It original? I mean those batteries are from
    Apple ?

  9. Paul Hause says:

    Clear, concise, and to the point. 

  10. Kenji Arai says:

    Does screwing the screw too tight for the battery cause problems in
    vibrations? My vibration seems to be affected after changing the battery.

  11. S Malik says:

    ATTENTION! – When I removed my battery, that mother f****** was glued the
    sh*t out this world to the phone, I had to pry that shit open for mad long.
    In the video, he just pops out the battery. That sh*t is freaking glued to
    the phone! – But amazing video, helped a lot!

  12. Diwas Karki says:

    I replaced my battery but after a few days, my phone started turning off
    everytime I would move it like when i went to jog , after a few weeks of
    that shit, today i dropped my phone , nothing broke but the phone wont turn
    on, when i put it on charge, the apple logo comes on disappears and comes
    on again. Please help

  13. Benjamin Ackert says:

    I ended up cracking my screen. It wouldn’t budge. A heard a cracking a
    small crack appeared on the side of the screen and now there are green
    lines on the bottom of the screen. I should have just gone to apple. Was I
    supposed to take out the sim card?

  14. jailking11 says:


    I’m trying to replace my battery but when I try to pull the plastic tab to
    the side (towards the battery as shown in video) and also tried pulling it
    upwards the battery wouldn’t budge no matter how much force i applied. I
    un-clipped the cable and unscrewed the metal covers. Need help! I’m
    thinking about the prying the battery out but i think its gonna damage

  15. Joe Clarke says:

    I followed the directions and the instructions worked fine.

  16. teamvigod says:

    I replaced my battery for 11 bucks using the guide. Got a kit in eBay with
    actual OEM battery plus tools. Took me about 45 minutes.

    Most time consuming is getting off the front and pulling the battery out
    safely. The rest is all easy. I used a hair dryer to warm the back of the
    phone to soften the glue that holds the battery. Worked perfectly. Didn’t
    want to pry it out because read many people killed their phone this way
    from damaging the logic boards while trying to pry.

    Before I switched my phone would die before 2pm with light use. It wouldn’t
    make it on standby through the night from a full charge. It would also shut
    down without warning for 20% to 40% battery showing. Now after replacement
    no random shutdowns and the phone lasts all day with even moderate usage.
    Wish I replaced it sooner! Now will do my families replacements for just 6
    bucks since I have the tools

  17. Steven Hill says:

    Worked for me…although the screen and battery were very difficult to
    remove. I would recommend to use the suction cup near one of the corners of
    the screen and once you get a prying device between the screen and frame
    move the suction cup to the middle of the screen to ensure that you open it
    like a hatch instead of from one corner because you might bend/crack the
    screen otherwise. Also, to remove the battery I used a Paint Can Opener
    (lol) below the volume up/down button there is a small space to fit the
    prying tool. Take your time it is frustrating and not as easy as the

  18. liam johnson says:

    I’ve replaced my battery several times because the original was faulty the
    replacement lasted a day so I assumed that was faulty as well so got
    another, same problem, what is causing the phone to destroy every battery
    it has ? 

  19. Liam Guan says:

    thank you. very helpful

  20. Malik Yasser says:

    great work man . . . . extremely professional

  21. Keyvan Azami says:

    Great video. Thanks!

  22. Erik Madison says:

    I just replaced my battery using the steps in the video. You made it look
    way easier than it actually is. Getting the battery out of the phone is
    extremely difficult due to the adhesive and I felt at multiple steps like I
    was going to ruin my phone. Nonetheless, thanks for the tutorial even if it
    made it downplayed the difficulty of pulling a new phone apart. 

  23. filankes filankesov says:

    very very good video…THANNNNKKKKKKSSSSSS

  24. Kisho S.K says:

    Hi i bought a battery replacement kit on amazon , and it came with tools ,
    but everyone has left good reviews on it but when I try the screws on the
    bottom dont fit at all! , is it because it is a new tamper proof screws or
    am i just waffling 

  25. Oscar says:

    Yes. Its jailbroken mate. Sorry Apple. Don’t do stock iPhones. Too boring