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Replacement Brushes for Power Tools: Replacing Dremel Rotary Tool Brushes. View a demonstration of replacing worn brushes on a Dremel rotary tool. One more great thing that makes a Dremel Rotary Tool better than the rest is the fact…

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  1. tonj1199 says:

    I found that my brushes had twisted to the point where the springs could no
    longer ensure contact occurred properly. I had to take the tool apart and
    release the springs from the inside out.

  2. jw11432 says:

    ****for those who are having trouble getting the old brushes out****

    tragically no there’s no way around this other than taking the tool apart.
    i have a model 275 and just replaced my brushes. the old ones were stuck,
    so taking out the four Torx screws (size T15 bit) and getting it apart, I
    was able to drive out the old brushes fairly easily. The reason mine stuck,
    and likely for others, is carbon dust builds up around the guides where the
    brushes sit. I took a small triangular file (a square file would be
    easiest, but I used what I had) and cleaned out the guides until I could
    drop the new brushes in and they would go all the way through with no
    trouble. getting it back together (I recommend setting everything in the
    case half that holds the ON/OFF switch on the bottom, and putting the guts
    in it and then putting the other half on top in your reassembly process, I
    found this to be the easiest way to get it together without crimping wires
    or misaligning the chuck lock towards the front). I imagine this method
    would work fine for most other models as well, but hopefully others will
    find this useful, because I also couldn’t find much information regarding
    the common trouble I had.

  3. sanfranphotopapa says:

    you sorta glossed over how to get the old brushes out!

  4. markymark74 says:

    Great video, thankyou.

  5. Dremel says:

    @crazyhugs we would send it to the Dremel Customer service folks in Racine.
    You can find their address on our website. They can seriously fix anything
    and will do so fairly quickly and send it back to you.

  6. Macon Noyz says:

    “fit the spring around the commutator” huh? why the hurry all of a sudden?
    You skip over the part where the spring gets all wound around itself and
    the cap doesn’t fit on. Why can’t you show a close up of how it actually
    fits in?

  7. crazyhugs says:

    I have a Dremel 200 series, and the brush detached from the springs on both
    sides and is stuck. i tried using tweezers and paper clips to pry out the
    brush but it’s still stuck in there, any help besides taking the tool apart?

  8. markymark74 says:

    @crazyhugs, hi, you sure that their is any brush(carbon) left in the
    holes?, those springs don’t clip on very securely in the first place to be
    honest. I purchased some new brushes the other week and only one of the
    brushes had the circle shape on the top of the brush piece(black carbon
    piece) that the spring clips on to, the seller sent me a replacement set!.
    Maybe they are completely worn out, finished and need replacing, or just
    break it out with a small screwdriver, the carbon brush is soft!

  9. aotearoastyle says:

    I wouldn’t trust this guy . He’s a paid actor reading from cue cards

  10. Clinton Braganza says:

    Thanks for whoever did put this up …cool video atleast I learnt something
    new …now to make my trip to home depot to find these replacement brushes

  11. golfersue says:

    I inherited a Dremel 800, where are the brushes located on this model?

  12. aotearoastyle says:

    When you twist a spring against it’s curl with the right amount of pressure
    as to not warp it , it will open up and allow the brush to be removed

  13. Clay@Agustin says:

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