Ridgid Power Tools Warranty: New Table Saw...

Ridgid Power Tools Warranty: New Table Saw Tour – Ridgid R4510 Portable Contractor Saw. My options I was considering where the bosch 4100-09 , dewalt DWE7491RS , Porter Cable PCB220TS or the Ridgid R4510. I went with the Ridgid for many reasons,…

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27 Responses to “ Ridgid Power Tools Warranty: New Table Saw”

  1. Michael Fisher says:

    If you take a look at the Rigid TS 4512 , the fence has a lever type lock,
    I am wondering if they are interchangeable ? It looks much more solid.

  2. Michael Fisher says:

    I just looked at this saw today at Home Depot and came home and searched
    for a video and was pleased to see yours. I did try the controls and like
    you I thought the fence lock might be stronger, the fence however is
    superior to many others. The price at Home Depot is $399 so that makes it a
    very good deal, they also have the TS 4512 table saw for $429 so I am
    thinking they are discontinued, the display model was all dusty so it has
    been there for a while. I am going back tomorrow and from what you have
    shown I will probably come home with the saw that you have. Thanks for the
    great video, I’m looking forward to see your next video. 

  3. Richard Main says:

    what a great review bro .! thanks..

  4. O Kirk says:

    Great Video! I am also in the market for my first major purchase of a “High
    Dollar” table saw. Waiting for your next review. What are your thoughts on
    the DELTA 13-Amp 10-in Table Saw?

  5. greg l says:

    dewalt has the best fence by far but then again u cant beat the ridgid
    lifetime warranty

  6. m kdrep says:

    Which DeWalt table saw would you say is most like the Ridgid R4510, the
    DWE7491RS? A different DeWalt model?
    thank you. Enjoyed your video, but cutting it down to 15 min might have
    been more effective……. :-) 

  7. Wendell Fouts says:

    Just to correct a few things. The Bosch 4100-09 does not have air filled
    tires. They are thick solid rubber, not thin hard solid rubber.
    It has a soft start motor that is super quiet and is $549 retail at Menards.
    Your video is one of many that helped me decide to purchase the Bosch over
    the same 4 models you deliberated over. Thanks for the cheese.

  8. m kdrep says:

    Thank you for the reply. I only mentioned the length of the video because I
    thought somewhere you had asked to comment on it. I must have confused your
    video with another one I guess. Sorry if I offended you, it was
    unintentional. :) 

  9. James Tollett says:

    I would love to see a follow up video now that you have had the saw for
    several months. I understand that this saw will not take dado blades.
    Have you found that to be true. I think I noticed that in your shop you
    have another saw. What is it.
    Thanks for the information.

  10. Jack Williams says:

    Good job man! Very thorough. 

  11. Jorge Araujo says:

    Great first impressions video. You did something that almost nobody does
    and I think its very important… You didn’t compare it to a $2000 cabinet
    saw, Its not that it will never be that… You actually talked about what
    it is a mobile contractor saw. I know we all want perfection from every
    tool but sometimes mobility and weight take precedence over other things.
    Great review. Keep the great videos coming.

  12. grindinglicks says:

    on sale today at Home Depot for 199

  13. John Spradling says:

    I probably will get this saw based on your video. Thanks!

  14. Vladimir Kunnikov says:

    Hey man!

    about video lenghth – it is ok for video to be long, but… :)

    I think, if You made 3-5 videos on this saw with subtopics like
    “xxx saw – unpacking and assembling”
    “xxx saw – parts and ergonomics”
    “xxx saw – first usage and first impression”

    and after this – a longer term impressions video in 2-6 months aftrer
    — thei nit would have been much easier to give my time to view, easier to
    understand and much easier to discuss.

    You asked my thoughts – i gave it :) 

  15. Jason says:

    Great video! Thanks

  16. David Lee says:

    Hey there Mr Craftsman, Thank you so much for taking the time to make that
    video of that Ridgid table saw. I really enjoyed myself sitting and
    watching your video. Like you said that stand is so crazy once you started
    to putting it together , LOL, but i’m good at looking at pictures of the
    tool and threw away my box, i could have put it together just by watching
    the picture of it I hate reading that awful instructions and the diagram is
    so small that i’m so use to just putting things together without all the
    drama, so what i did, i took picture while on the computer watching your
    video of the stand put together at certain angles and WA-LA, put together
    in no time,hehehe. You were very thorough in your video and thanks again.
    Always remember this as well if you make any more videos, you’re always
    gonna have some A-Hole out there always got some Smart-A comment about what
    you post, that’s life!!…I enjoyed it myself and thanks again..

  17. Ken Wagner says:

    I have never used a table saw, but have borrowed a friends (same Ridgid
    model) for a project. After watching this video I am extremely confident I
    will be able to safely and effectively use it. Excellent video!

  18. Micah Howell says:

    Good video!! I have the same saw and it’s my only table saw. I do know
    that it’s not a quality cabinet saw but have spent a few hours fine tuning
    it (I can be very picky about things and there was a lot of user error
    going on lol). The blade was pretty easy to 0 with a little adjusting. My
    biggest frustration though was not being able to get the fence parallel to
    the blade. I know you’re supposed to parallel it to the miter slot but
    where the miter slot joins the top of the table isn’t exactly 90 so my
    combo square “rocks” a little in the track so my fence isn’t squaring
    right. You can fine tune the fence but you have to make adjustments with
    the fence unlocked and when you lock the fence again to make sure your
    adjustments are correct, the locking just pulls the fence out of alignment
    again. I just decided to made the fence parallel to the blade so a little
    more fine tuning and it should be ready to go. I added a plywood miter
    fence to the miter gauge (which works really well) for the left slot and am
    finishing a small cross cut sled. Sorry to bore you but just thought I’d
    let you know some of my frustrations with it. For what it is though, a
    contractor’s job site saw, it is great!! I can rip through lumber like
    butter. I’m looking forward to your next video on the saw!

  19. jeanious2009 says:

    Very nice review….you should check out tnjJin9Dkto those guys are
    clowns, couldn’t even do a simple review on the same table saw.

    Thanks for the vid. I purchased a used one yesterday….before I even saw
    this vid, glad to clear your views on it after purchasing it. Waiting for
    the future update!

    LOL My rip fence locking mechanism came broke….JUST LIKE YOU
    MENTIONED..Doesn’t take a genius to understand that plastic is not your
    friend when it comes to certain pressures and cycles..

    BTW I did order all the parts from Ridgid to fix the broken mechanism for
    50.00 so not bad.. Still wish they used metal/aluminium locking mechanism.

  20. ColonelCowbell says:

    Just a friendly word of advice: At around 19 minutes in, when you were
    ripping the board, you grabbed the board on the far (outfeed) side of the
    blade. NEVER DO THAT! If the saw were to kick back and throw the board out
    of the saw, it could yank your hand into the blade and cut you faster than
    you can blink your eyes.

  21. Robert Barcus says:

    I am also going for this saw too as I just seen your video. Man you
    answered all my questions in the video. Now need to fond your update on
    what you think of the saw after some time of usage. 2 thumbs up on the

  22. Sword Fish says:

    Very good initial review.I just bought one and I’m glad I watched your vid
    before opening it up. Looking forward to your follow up. You mentioned you
    will be using it for rental property work etc. I’m working on a duplex
    rental property that has two exterior doors that measure 32×72. Can you
    direct me to a vid that shows cutting down a standard size solid flush door
    either masonite or birch veneer and how to block it after cutting it down?
    Thanks in advance for your consideration. 

  23. Robert Wilson says:

    This is a lie, lifetime warranty. I purchased my tools at Home Depot. Rigid
    will not honor the warranty on my brand-new batteries. From their website
    my batteries serial number
    · Model #: 130377001
    Serial #: CS0915
    · No Warranty
    I would never recommend rigid tools to anyone.

  24. Ed Draper says:

    I’ve found Ridgid to be a great value brand. My Ridgid combination
    spindle/belt sander is one of my favorite tools. My belt sander is a tank
    as well. It’ll be interesting to see how this works out for you..

  25. WestonWood says:

    I was looking at the Porter Cable saw as well, because of the extension off
    the table, but after seeing the fence on this saw, I think I too may go
    with the Rigid. Thanks for the review, very thorough.

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