Sealey Power Tools: Sealey PP1 & PPX...

Sealey Power Tools: Sealey PP1 & PPX Automotive Test Device. Demonstration of how these powerful, easy to use hand held test devices can make checking components, both on and off the vehicle, simple. Call Sealey on 012…

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3 Responses to “ Sealey Power Tools: Sealey PP1 & PPX”

  1. Dan Morris says:

    I have the PPX and find myself using it more often than my multimeter. It’s
    ideal because not only can you supply positive or negative power from the
    tip, but you can use it to poke pretty much any wiring or connections and
    find out whether the tester is ‘seeing’ positive or negative power at the
    tip. The last time I used it was when fitting a starter button to a Toyota
    Celica and I had to find ignition power feed wires etc. Thanks Sealey for
    making great tools but also you are a curse as whenever I look in the
    catalogue I always find something else I want to buy haha.

  2. Dagnis D says:

    Hi. How exactly I can check relays & wiring? and how to understand when it
    doesnt show anything, or if it barely glows green not bright green. Thanks 

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