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Hitachi Power Tools: Skill Hire Solution (3 of 4) – Hitachi Power Tools – Hitachi. The solution Hitachi Power Tools Australia and Skill Hire have implemented to ensure apprentices are well equiped before entering the workforce.

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  1. Phi Chai says:

    Thank you Hitachi Power Tools of Australia for posting this interesting
    video of the house builder apprentice program in Australia. For those
    expats living in Buriram Province, Thailand the apprentice program
    implemented by most Buriram house builders might not be obvious. At
    Ruangsangthai Hardware on Highway 2074 in Buriram we work with our Hitachi
    Power Tools sales department to sell genuine Hitachi Power Tools at a price
    that is affordable and Ruangsangthai is the authorized Hitachi tool repair
    service center in Buriram Province. ´╗┐