Snap-on Tool Box – Snap on Power...

Snap on Power Tools: Snap-on tool box. over 16 feet of toolbox…probably 125000 or more invested…20 plus years of collecting…some pictures missing but the general idea is shown…very proud …

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26 Responses to “ Snap-on Tool Box – Snap on Power”

  1. John Smith says:

    good god, amazing man…

  2. denny p says:

    Awsome collection. Hows your dealer with warranty issues? Mines a dick!
    Great Vid…kep them coming. Rate or post my toolbox vid.

  3. MoneyMarcMes says:

    To anyone with experience with Snap On tools, can you tell me if anyone has
    noticed a drop in quality with Snap On. I would like to order a 1/4″ drive
    set and a 3/8 drive set but I want to be convinced that they continue to
    make quality products that they charge so much for. Are they worth it?

  4. youthfuldemise says:

    @cbman96 Thanks its good to hear young people going to tech school…good
    luck in your career!

  5. Wintermute1119 says:

    No, they probably would not. Snap On is expensive for a reason. From the
    very strict quality control on their steel composition all the way down,
    not to mention the engineering that goes into their tool and the fact that
    they’re generally produced in the US. The latter fact alone means they will
    be significantly more expensive as first world labor is pricey compared to
    Chinese prison labor.

  6. OFaKAm1 says:

    You got some nice toys.

  7. a2redneck says:

    I hate craftsman tools! They are the third of the price of snap-on tools
    and they do the same job. They are made in the USA and are built to last
    and if they do break, they have a no questions asked life time warranty.
    Instead of waiting around for the snap-on truck i have to go to sears and
    get my tools replaced now. Craftsman sucks.

  8. youthfuldemise says:

    Thanks bro!

  9. MoneyMarcMes says:

    I have more Snap On wrenches than you do. Ha Ha!!!!

  10. Outdoornut33 says:

    Total cost???

  11. youthfuldemise says:

    @cfaulc thanks alot i got some new stuff just need to find time to post a
    new video…thanks again

  12. youthfuldemise says:

    @SuperMangn Yes they definetly will.

  13. Mick Campagner says:

    Simply Awesome,

  14. Nick Kat says:

    i loved your plier sets you have tools for just about everything, must be
    your pride and joy to bad in australia we dont have snap on and to buy here
    cost an arm and a leg cause they inport from us!

  15. 104trucker says:

    My dad and grandfather probably have 110,000 combined in all of their
    tools. All snap on in Snap on boxes.

  16. 2MCHNV says:

    Im a mechanic and ive invested about 12-13k on my kit, that is over the top
    crazy u can tell a mans skills and knowledge by his tool box!!! how many
    years is in that box from 1st tool till present?

  17. youthfuldemise says:

    yes sir i am

  18. youthfuldemise says:

    @TheWhupper the second picture has some of my stuff!

  19. Akayamtech says:

    All I wanted was a screw driver and a pair of pliers. Lol. Awesome video.

  20. foxdmulder says:

    In the imortal words of Eddie Murphy : ‘That is one big bitch!’ of a box

  21. tfraud says:

    Sweet box bro! I got a mixed brands of tools in my Matco cart.

  22. youthfuldemise says:

    yes,concrete mixers loaders etc

  23. markj says:

    I came

  24. poskyflyer says:

    fuck you now i need new pants :( our head AME has a box like this its

  25. Joe Mamma says:

    $125,000 with Snap-on…or…$9,000 at Harbor Freight!

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