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Power Tools Lite: Tekkit Lite | Modular Power Tool | Episode 29. Previous Tekkit Lite: http://youtu.be/IK-OGy54KWo Seed: itekkit Please Comment and Rate! It really helps! =) Texture Pack Patch Link: http://bdcraft.net/foru…

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26 Responses to “ Tekkit Lite | Modular Power Tool | Episode”

  1. Bacca Plays says:

    How Do You Shoot The Plasma Cannon I Have Pressed Every Button!

  2. TheBaseballfreak106 says:

    yup :) the power tool replaced my nano saber too

  3. Sam Davis says:

    Isn’t power armor from volts

  4. EPICBLACK Sword says:

    May sure power full Charge to much fun run out

  5. ben brown says:

    U move the bar by clicking on where you want to raise or lower the attack

  6. epicgaming75 says:

    bently your boots can become rocket boots

  7. TwoX Mike says:

    Bentley there is an easier way to make a zombie farm. Make sure there are 3
    spots either side of the spawner, 2 below, 2 behind (1 extra for water
    covered with material above the source blocks). Drag it out 16 blocks (dig
    down 1 after 8 blocks). Excavate rest of the room to match (so the whole
    room has 3 spaces either side, 2 under, 2 behind) Make a trench 2 deep
    where zombies can fall into. Kill from top or bottom. If needed I can
    upload a quick tutorial on it.

  8. McCoy97123 says:

    That power tool is awesome!

  9. ExternslistGamer says:

    put on the armor bently

  10. Diezen says:

    It’s best off just having an elite battery on one piece as it is more
    battery/weight if you adjust it higher. Also 25 burden is the max without
    slowdown, so you have to cater the upgrades with that, but I was able to
    get a good amount of battery and 10 armor bars with diamond plates… Also
    sprint assist and slope assist are amazing, with sprint speed maxxed you go
    sanic fast and jumps make you go even farther.

  11. IA7X ShadowsI says:

    Power glove. Lol

  12. 792187003 says:

    most mobs have 20 points of health

  13. Dima Dragos says:

    really Bentley?!?! 64x!?!?! With your rig you can run 512x no problem :)

  14. MobFactory: Andrea says:

    Bentley make a Klein star! you can store extra energy.

  15. gamer6258 says:

    I love your videos Bentley, you deserve more views and subscribers :-)

  16. TheOnlyBentley says:

    Having 23 must of confused me, not used to having that many. Thanks for the
    eye bud.

  17. shadowdragon10121 says:

    @TheOnlyBentley we should play dead rising2 sometime because you missed a
    bunch of secret places. i would love to show this stuff just a thought :)

  18. TheOnlyBentley says:

    The new updated Technic has the same mods as Tekkit Lite I believe.

  19. musicman1340 says:

    why use u guys always use stupid texture packs in these tutorial videos??
    it only makes it hard to follow.

  20. Yean Liew says:

    btw if u make it all elite and keep it all on half battery u will be fine

  21. Wobblytickle says:

    wazza up

  22. 664bomber says:

    Tekkit Lite!

  23. Edouardos Koulakidis says:

    I didnt like this episode so much,i found it quite boring cause of the
    suits :/

  24. TheKingAz25 says:

    bentley hold the power tool in your hand and press f5 and look at your self
    its so f ing cool trust me

  25. Yes! Finally someone writes about article on Patch.