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Power Tools Ebay: Terapeak Training | Powersellers Secret Tool to Profits| Dsdomination | Ebay | Amazon. Terapeak’s market research tool for online sellers helps you sell more products on eBay and Amazon and receive the highest profit margins available. Here is …

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12 Responses to “ Terapeak Training | Powersellers Secret”

  1. Henry Sanchez says:

    Yes I can but I put them in all my youtube descriptions

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  2. Henry Sanchez says:

    Here is my step by step video on Ebay,Amazon,and Terapeak

  3. Kelvin Bragg says:

    This is a great video nobody else is giving you a strategy to help your
    business grow and expand like you are Henry. Everybody who knows how to do
    this is keeping the info for themselves way to be a team player looking
    forward to working with you and to see what we can create.

  4. John Raymond says:

    Henry quick question: Not too many people talk about the Tax Nexus when
    flipping items.( Example: Washington State is 9% ). I know there is a
    built in template inside of the Ebay site settings ( for taxes ). Will
    people skip over your ad if your charging taxes and move on to the next
    person or is it best just to keep the “tax collection narrative” in small
    print like most people do, and then HOPE the customer doesnt get ticked
    when they see the sales tax applied? Thanks. 

  5. Silvana Brant says:

    Another GREAT video tutorial… thanks for sharing it, +Henry Sanchez
    I have a couple of Questions:
    1) Regarding “Descriptions” I understood that you’ve copied the description
    from that seller and just made a few changes so it would not be 100%
    similar. Would be ok if we added “random Text generator” to the description
    and change the font color to ‘white’ so the customer won’t see it, and
    still is considered “new content” ?
    2) Sharing it on Facebook: Did you mean Facebook Fan page or Facebook
    Group? In this example you’ve posted on a “FB Fan Page”..
    Thanks so much! :-) 

  6. Jeremy Ballance says:

    Greetings Henry…I’m not on your team but am really frustrated with DSD’s
    Listing Integration. How does this compare and is it worth the investment?
    Thanks and I enjoy your videos….always learn much!

  7. endyia09 says:

    Loved this video! I don’t see the link to keyword spy tool. I can’t find it
    when I googled it. Thanks so much!

  8. endyia09 says:

    Sorry…. Found it when I hit show more tab. Newbie LOL!

  9. John Raymond says:

    have you ever had success with only using only three “mega-popular” words
    in a title? And leaving the rest blank? 

  10. Brett Bourne says:

    You are so inspiring. You do not know how much you have helped me, I am
    going to sign up under you when I can. Thank you so much, where are the
    generous people out there who do not just try to steal your wallet and
    actually add VALUE like you did? Keep it up Henry, you are awesome!

  11. Yolanda Williams says:

    Can you post the link on facebook on several different groups or just one

  12. Douglas Harrington says:

    I’m curious Henry…why does google adwords “keyword search” show 450,000
    monthly searches for “dog” and keyword Spy show 101million…what are the
    differences in these searches , if you know….thank you in advance…btw,
    great video :)