Thor Power Tools: The Rocking Chair...

Thor Power Tools: The Rocking Chair. The video shows the construction of a rocking chair using superhero powers… but no power tools. Later I will launch an “education version”. Chris.

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25 Responses to “Thor Power Tools: The Rocking Chair”

  1. Chop With Chris says:

    Thanks Stuart. I will. 

  2. Dirk Talamasca says:

    #Mojo #TheRockingChair

    *The Rocking Chair* 

  3. Fletcher Handcrafted Guitars says:

    Brilliant work Chris, Love the finished rocking chair !

  4. Ralph Roberts says:

    *pretty doggone, cotton pickin’ COOL!*

  5. Laston Kirkland says:

    People being awesome.
    No power tools, awesome.

  6. Fidem Turbāre says:

    “Unbelievably” fun video showing how to make an old fashioned rocking
    chair. (Special effects revealed at the end with a few “bloopers.”)

    Video duration: 5 minutes 29 seconds

  7. MrEpicTruth says:

    Perfect for the porch, just sitting back, rocking back and forth, dragging
    on a blunt, exhaling, and then saying “yyyyyup…”

  8. Çınar Demir says:

    Holy shit that is pure skill. 

  9. Sean Epperson says:

    Made with Hand tools. very nice.

  10. Murray Wayper says:

    quite amazing!

  11. Dominic Bender says:

    That is some serious mojo. I will try to close my mouth now, possibly using
    some clamps. I really need to work on my hand tool skills, if I can find
    any in me. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Peter F. Thunders says:

    I love to build stuff, working with metal and wood (SHUT IT!). This guy
    might be my new favorite badass. Decent editing skillz, too.

  13. Bob Egbert says:

    isn’t that how they are made at the factory. LOL Great video Chris.

  14. Star Rider says:

    lol, nice.

  15. Bearcrapsinwoods says:

    I love the amount of effort you put in your videos.

  16. KSFWG says:

    Truly awesome skills – both woodworking and comedy! Thank you for the

  17. rick d says:

    Very cool Chris. great video, humorous but what skill you have! out doggone

  18. Richard Pattee says:

    Our fore fathers were so good with hand held tools.
    It did take a lot of practice. 30 attempts to nail that ax shot.

  19. Joshua Barkdull says:

    This guy is amazing!

  20. Helena Smith says:
  21. Steve Morris says:

    *pretty doggone, cotton pickin’ COOL!*

  22. Robert Hirsch says:

    People being awesome.
    No power tools, awesome.

  23. Kristopher Baker says:

    That’s actually full of awesome!

  24. emart88 says:

    impressive to say the least. I definitely need to brush up on my hand tool
    skills. and buy a broad axe

  25. Phil Sarullo says:

    that is nuts. Incredible. Beautiful piece. And I probably won’t
    challenge you to an arm wrestling match either.