Unpacking a Festool Recon Tool –...

Reconditioned Power Tools for Sale: Unpacking a Festool Recon Tool. So I wanted to share with you the condition of a 20% off Festool tool from a recondition sale and what it can look like during a Festool recondition sale. I …

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11 Responses to “ Unpacking a Festool Recon Tool –”

  1. Henrique Rosa says:

    Hi, do think I can find a recon for sale herein UK?. If not, can you let me
    know where do you boat this from?
    Many thanks

  2. Tee Giang says:

    LOL yes! the festool smell yummy! goona look into this recondition stuff!
    thanks for the vid!

  3. Jeremiah Schwenger says:

    I just got a Festool ro125 in the mail from the current recon sale! What an
    amazing sander! You are right they are great tools at a great price! Thanks
    Eric for opening up my world to Festool! I will never look back again! Lol!

  4. kfrancke37 says:

    you’re an idiot. of course the cords are wrapped and replaced and the tools
    are cleaned. what do you think “reconditioned” means?? The router is
    scratched to shit but you don’t believe it was ever used? you’re
    delusional, these came from a factory not a yard sale.

  5. David Wilson says:

    Hi Eric can you share pictures of your plywood flooring? Thx!

  6. MrBigerock says:

    David, I just noticed I didn’t mention Tom’s last name. When you go on the
    festool owners group web site, you want to look up Tom Bellemare. The
    Festool dealers names are highlighted in blue. He is based out off Texas.
    Great guy to deal with. Eric

  7. SMD says:

    Do you use your tools? Or just buy them to have them?

  8. David Wilson says:

    Where did you purchase you recon Festool items? I see several sites
    advertising recon Festool items. Thx

  9. MrBigerock says:

    Hey David. I bought them from Tom over at Tool Home. If you go on to the
    Festool Owners Group web site festool owners group . com all one word, you
    can get Tom’s contact information as well as other dealers that are
    involved with the recon sale. You have to call a dealer to order, the tools
    are on a first come first serve deal. Eric

  10. David Wilson says:

    Cool…thanks Eric!

  11. mcvaughan1971 says:

    Get a life!