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Used Power Tools for Sale: Buying Cheap Power Tools Beginners #14 -a woodworkeb video. Read Full Article Here – Woodworkers are always looking at tools and purchasing inexpensive power tools, for the correct application and use, can save your money and…

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26 Responses to “ Used Power Tools for Sale: Buying Cheap”

  1. Woodworking Plans and Information says:

    If you are new to woodworking or have been at it for some time this video
    from WoodWork Web has some good information on buying power tools and what
    to look for.

  2. theskiviking says:

    7:48 “Heat is the biggest enemy of any motor.” True words! It’s the case
    with internal combustion motors too!

  3. Jonto Dickens says:

    I would like to see videos that show how to get the most versatility out of
    the essential power tools either with jigs or ways that we can extend the
    number of applications from certain tools. I’m just starting out in a
    garden shed/shop and space saving and organisation is critical so any of
    these videos would be great. I think everyone loves a good jig video….
    Thanks a lot.

  4. baljeet ahluwalia says:

    you seems to be a very kind gentleman…God bless you

  5. C.W P says:

    You need lots of clamps

  6. Rusi Filipov says:

    Good points about heat and usage rate. Nice to see the internals of a motor
    tool disassembled.

  7. kaptainbastard says:

    I buy second hand tools too, from auction. quality is quality.for instance
    A 20yr old swedish made” blue bosch drill” thats been used every day on
    site for 20 years, will still blow away any new green bosch and at a
    fraction of the price.its built to last’
    olso.look for old makita.
    its the quality of the metals its made from.
    you can get top of the range set of tools for pennies if you know what to
    look for.
    quality is quality.built to last a lifetime
    if its rusty chuck no problem use wd40 to take away rust.. rust is only on
    the surface its not rot.
    if its a powertool made pre 1980 dont buy it.its unsafe.unless you rewire
    you can olso re grease the inside if you want but its not necessary. just
    clean out the vents.
    sometimes powertools dont work and most 99%of the time it just needs new
    brushes that only cost pennies
    most second hand tools been sitting in an attic somewere hardly ever been
    So yes buy second hand old tools rather than new, save a fortune.and get
    better quality

  8. Cody Castro says:

    Drill bit type an each use for them .. Please

  9. David Montesinos V. says:

    Thanks, it has served me well their advice.

  10. linas bakutis says:

    Hi, thanks for relieving video.
    So if you ever wanted to consider my question in video or just comment.. :)
    I have heard that band saw can even replace table saw if you are nor riping
    very large materials. I thought that its less powerful machinery then table
    saw, but despite that consider that its because of riping height and and
    thin pieces advantages. And i found a proof – your video making the
    speakers. But then..its was first time i saw such a large blade.
    So considering that there is many different band saws how should look the
    one that would support all kinds of blades and would be large and powerful
    enough to actually replace the table saw.
    Of course, describing different blades and capabilities of band saw would
    also be perfect :)
    I am asking this because disc blades are different not only in sizes but
    know nothing about band saw characteristics.
    Thank you and be safe :) 

  11. djkulp1 says:

    I was a drafting student many, many years ago. I rely, still to this day,
    on a “paper” drawing in order to build something. When you illustrate how
    to build something (even knowing the You-Tubers would probably not build it
    to those exact dimensions), a drawing in a format that most people have
    (example: PDF format) would please us “old farts”.

  12. Jason Thompson says:

    Awesome videos! Thank you! I’m working on my first house and your videos
    have helped me!

  13. Camilo Trevino says:

    Thanks Colin for these great videos.

    Per your request on what we would like to see . . .
    Tool Maintenance & tips of maintaining your shop tools.
    I would love to learn how to calibrate a compound double bevel sliding
    miter saw.
    I would like to learn the best way to calibrate a table saw fence and a
    Miter Gauge.
    What type of dust extractors do you use or recommend?
    Breathing Masks and such . . .

    Thanks a bunch.

  14. A Elias Varela says:

    do you know about legacy ornamental mill or any other brands?

  15. Man na says:

    Hmmm. So you’re getting payola from Bosch. The other tools have the brand
    taped over. You should add a disclaimer.

  16. omar reyes says:

    very informative…i am a beginner at power tools…now i have circular saw
    and drill machine which is i use them most of the time…good job
    sir…keep doing really helps a lot

  17. superdau says:

    There’s a reason for “buy cheap, buy twice”. But I actually do that on
    purpose. When I first need a tool of some kind I don’t know at all which
    details are important for me (and it’s almost useless to ask someone else
    because everyone has different work styles and applications). Buying an
    expensive tool as your first tool will most likely not get you the tool you
    expected. You just spent heaps of money on something you want to replace.
    So I buy cheap tools (but not obviously unsafe dirt cheap) to learn what I
    really need. Then, if the tool breaks or I really miss a feature, I go for
    the more expensive one. With all the tools I did that, drill, router,
    contractors saw (no table saw out of space restrictions), and a few others,
    it’s a real joy to work with! The cheap tools that break first will most
    probably also be the tools you work with most. So it also really helps you
    to decide in which tool to invest next.

  18. WoodWorkWeb says:

    In this week’s video we look at purchasing inexpensive power tools, what to
    look for and how to choose them and how to get the best value from them …

  19. Robert Dailey says:

    I just got a Craftsman 10″ sliding compound miter saw for my birthday. It
    fit with the mantra of it’s inexpensive, but a good value.

    A video on all the ways to use a miter saw would be great. Especially
    complex compound angles for moldings.

  20. Peter Agostini says:

    The down a dirty duty cycle of power tools ! watch it .. 

  21. Die3LPer says:

    you spelled “woodworkweb” in the title wrong.

  22. xBeau Gaming says:

    Sounds like I’ll just save up and get Festools rather than messing around
    with replacing some more garbage tools.

  23. M Geez says:

    have you done a video on raised panel door? I am interested in cabinet
    doors and interior doors

  24. Jeffrey Aboud says:

    A buyers Guide for power Tools, for example the Akku-Drill in inexpensive
    an expensive. Sorry for Bad english, i’m German.

  25. Allan Wright says:

    Thanks mate I love your vids. Keep up the good work.. I find that Makita
    is a reliable brand here in Australia.

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    studying your posts. Keep up the good work! You know, many people are hunting round for
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